Monday, September 8, 2014

What have I gotten myself into?

So once upon a time, I finished my homework three hours early. And the only thing I could think to do was create a blog! Forget the fact that my house looks like a stampede of elephants just ran through, or that my pile of laundry is growing faster than a body builder on steroids. Everyone needs a blog right? I figure that the only people who will be reading this are family members and close friends (or maybe just my mom... Hi mom!). But who knows, maybe one day, the only record of our existence will be what we have left on the internet. And I want the future world to know about my freaking awesome life! That being said, let me introduce my family of two.
This is me and my husband Alex (Alexander if his mom is reading this). We have been married for like, what has it been, almost three months? That's right, we are fresh off the market, newly weds who are still trying to get the hang of things. But before I start that, my name is Marisa Pugh, I grew up in the good ol' town of Herriman. I ran cross country in high school and was state champion. Just kidding I ran varsity like twice. But I still enjoy running, mostly because I enjoy food as well. Alexander is from West Jordan. He played tennis in high school and won some games... :) We met at Snow College down in the little town of Ephraim. I was there experiencing my first year of college and he was on his third (pay no attention to the fact that Snow is a two year school *cough cough*).  It was love at first sight and we were married within a month. Just kidding. It took some convincing, but I finally captured his heart with my womanly ways. (Womanly ways being by witty humor and wonderfully good looks... ha yeah right!) We began dating in October and in five short months were engaged to be married. Then in three (super long) months we were married, June 26 to be exact. Right now we are enjoying hectic opposite schedules. He is studying to be a Podiatrist and I am studying to be an Occupational Therapist Assistant. We are both at different schools in opposite sides of the valley. I don't remember "never seeing your husband" in the marriage manual, but we still manage to find time to go on adventures.

I hope that this hasn't completely bored you. I still don't know what people are supposed to write on these things... So stay tuned! Maybe my next post will be super funny or something. May the force be with you, live long and prosper, and other such sayings.

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