Friday, September 12, 2014

Dan Dan the Window Man

Alright now it's my turn to tell a date story (more like a "worse date" story). Except this one is real, promise. And I would just like you to think of how this would make you feel if you were in my shoes!

So before me and Alexander started dating, I would go on lots of dates with different boys. (Lots of dates mom see?) And there was this one guy named Daniel (yes that is his real name, mwahaha). And we had hung out and gone on a few dates and I decided that he might be worth perusing  (and was I wrong!!). So one day he asked me to hang out with him, (I'm counting it as a date because it was just the two of us doing stuff people do on dates like make dinner and watch movies) and so I did. We went shopping for groceries and then made dinner (that's about as fancy as it gets in Ephraim). Now I had known that Dan had liked some other girls in our apartment complex, but as far as I had known he had liked me the most (which I was fine with because I had liked some other boys too *cough cough* Alex). So here we are finishing dinner when we decide that it would be fun to watch a movie. So we put the movie in and sit on the couch. (And I would just like to add that we were cuddling.) So about halfway into the movie someone walks into the apartment and sits on the other couch, did I mention that this someone was a GIRL, not a roommate, a girl. Dan and the girl say hi and exchanged a few pleasantries, and then Dan gets up because he "needed to fill up his water-bottle" which was like half way full btw. Except when he comes back to sit down, he doesn't sit by me, he sits by this other girl! And at first I was like "maybe he just wants to talk about something" but no. He sits there for the next half hour! And if that's not bad enough, I can totally tell that they're texting each other which I can assume meant that they were talking about me. So it's almost the end of the movie and I am so ready to leave when all of the sudden the girl stands up, announces that she has homework to do, and leaves. FINALLY she's gone. But before I can say anything to Dan, he gets up, walks into his room, and closes the door. What the heck!! I didn't want to think the worst so I convinced myself that he had to go to the bathroom or make a phone call or something. So I wait for about fifteen minutes or so and talk to his (very odd) roommate. I would have left after ten minutes of waiting but the roommate kept talking and talking and talking. But after fifteen minutes I was about to break down his door and ask what the heck he was doing. But instead of letting my inner animal show, I asked his roommate if he could see what Dan was doing. So he walks over to Dans room and opens the door.......(pause for effect)............ and the window is open and Dan is nowhere to be found. Later that night I found out that he had snuck out to be with the other girl who was supposedly doing her "homework." So this is where the name "Dan Dan the Window Man" (along with a few other names that I don't think would be appropriate to put on here) came from. After that I promised myself that I would never go on another date again!! JK I was dating Alex like two weeks later.

So there you go. That is my worst date story and it is 100% true. I DARE you to come up with a better one, and it has to be true. None of this "I pushed my date who had no legs off of my truck" junk. (if you're confused, read the previous post.) So yeah... that's all I got. May the force be with you, live long and prosper, and other such sayings.

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