Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Story??

Well hello there my fellow time wasters. It's been awhile. I am honestly clean out of ideas on what to write about. Like seriously, my life is too boring to just write about what happens on a daily basis. Plus who would want to read that anyways? I don't go on any fun vacations, I don't have any funny kids, I got nothin. So I dug down into the good old memory vault and found a story that's at least decently funny. I now present to you my story, Prank Gone Wrong. 

Once upon a time, little twelve year old Marisa was spending a week of her summer at a girls camp. Now personally I love camping. You get to spend a few day up in the mountains with mosquito's and ticks and spiders and bears and rabid gopher things, and did I also mention that it is always like 100 degrees during the day and -50 degrees at night, and I always end sleeping on like a family of the bumpiest, pokiest rocks in the world. Anyways, I just love it, really I do (please note the sarcasm). And adding fifty screaming teenage girls to the picture makes things that much more enjoyable. SO, here I am, at camp, trying to decide what to do during my three hours of free time. Naturally, being the devious little twelve year old I was, me and a friend of mine, we'll call her Francis, decided it would be great fun to play a prank on one of our leaders. So during this three hour time frame, me and Francis concocted a plan. Side note, this camp ground we were at had showers. It was like, this big room with three separate stalls and then a big bench on the outside where you would leave clothes. Important: there was a male side, and a female side and the doors to both were right next to each other.  Anyways, for our prank, we were going to wait for this one particular leader to get in the shower. Once in the shower, we were then going to steal her clothes and replace them with a little something we found in the skit bag. Now, this little something happened to be the ugliest dress on the face of the earth. I am not even joking it was hideous. It was this blue and pink checkered cotton fabric, with this ugly thick lace on all the hems. And there was this freaking gigantic bow on the back. It was low-cut in the front and back, and it even had huge puffy sleeves to complete the dresses hideousness. It was disgustingly ugly. We were planning on replacing our leaders clothes with this dress so she would be required to walk through camp wearing this dress. Funny stuff right? It's a classic! So the next day comes and we spend the morning on a hike. So we're on this hike, and the leader who we were planning on playing the prank on, got bird poop on her hair. It seriously could not have been more perfect. Thank you bird. She now had no choice but to shower. Me and Francis make it back to camp and hide behind some trees by the shower so we can watch who goes in and out. After what felt like an hour our leader starts heading towards the showers. As soon as we saw her coming we laid flat on the ground just to be sure she wouldn't see us. Once she was in, we waited like three or four minutes just to make sure she was inside the stalls and wouldn't see us take her clothes. So we walk into a shower room and look to see what clothes were hers. She had been wearing a red flannel shirt that day and what do you know, a red flannel shirt and jeans were nicely sitting on the bench waiting to be stolen. We quickly grab the clothes and replace them with the beautiful dress and run out just as the shower is being turned off. We then returned to our hiding spot behind the trees and wait for our victim to show herself. It's not long though before we hear someone, a man, yell, "WHERE THE **** ARE MY CLOTHES!!!??" And in that moment, I saw my life flash before my eyes. We had gone into the MENS shower room and had taken a MANS clothes AND his towel (something we thought would be funny, giving the victim the only choice of putting on the dress). We were both frozen in place. I thought I might die right then and there, which would be the better option than waiting to see what our victim had in store for us. What were we supposed to do? Do the right thing and take the man's clothes back into him? HA! yeah right. Plus for all we knew he was standing in there naked, which was the last thing I wanted to see. As soon as that thought crossed my mind, I noticed movement in the corner of my eye. Francis had gotten up with the man's clothes and started sprinting for the showers. I wanted to shout "Don't do it! It's a suicide mission!" but I couldn't make my mouth move, all I could do was watch. She quickly approached the shower room doors, but skidded to a halt before entering. She then, without looking inside the room, threw the man's clothes onto the floor a few feet away from the door. I have still never seen a braver act in my 19 years. She then made a bee-line back to where I was behind the tree. Milliseconds after she made it, I saw something peek around the corner of the door of the shower room. It was our victim. It only took him a second to see that his clothes were right by the door, and took him less than a second to realize that he had to step outside to reach them. We watched him hesitate, and then quicker than lightning step out into the sun, grab his clothes, and return to the safety of the shower room. But although it was fast, I saw it. I saw him. I saw the dress. It looked like he had attempted to put the dress on by stepping into the head hole (who puts on a dress like that?), but he must have realized that there was no way that he was going to get his torso through the little hole. So he gave up and just pulled the dress up high enough to cover what needed to be covered (thank goodness). After seeing that, we ran back to camp. I never saw the man, or the dress again. The end.

That's all I got. Hope you enjoyed! May the force be with you.